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PR-broschure Dewey Droplet

Continuing story from “Trulli the little water drop”. This time Trulli explores the hydrological cycle. She undergoes every step; she starts at the evaporation and finishes as drinking water. This broschure is translated into Russian. Learn More

PR-broschure Trulli the waterdrop

Trulli, a genuine drinking water drop shows children the way of wastewater through the wastewatertreatment. It is written in an understandable language for children of preschool age and elementary school age. This broschure is translated into Russian. Learn More

Technical book wastewater technology (Russian)

This new concept was specifically developed for the practical and comprehensible transfer of knowledge for the occupation of „wastewater engineering technician“. The book contains conventional multiple-choice questions plus questions related to situations for the better understanding of processes, expedition questions to apply the theory to the practical work on a wastewater treatment pl... Learn More

Technical book sewage works operator (Russian)

Since 1969 the DWA|s sewage attendant pocketbook has been part of the standard repertoire in the training of sewage technicians. The basic book for beginners in the industry is available in German, Chinese, Croatian, Russian and n Ukrainian. It deals with the technical know-how that a specialist for Wastewater technology must have mastered and also contains many pictures and illustrations. Learn More

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