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Poster Schema Kläranlage

Auf dem Poster wird der Verlauf des Abwassers durch eine Kläranlage skizziert. Die abwassertechnischen Bauwerke wie Sandfang, Vorklärbecken, Belebungsbecken, Nachklärbecken und Faulturm sind schematisch dargestellt und kurz definiert. Für alle, die die Stufen der Abwasserreinigung erklären möchten, ein Hilfsmittel zur Veranschaulichung der einzelnen Prozessstufen in einer Kläranlage. Learn More

Poster Everything Flows

The Poster size A1, folded to A4, showing a map of Germany visualising, amongst others, natural and artificial water flows. The reverse side provides additional information, e.g. with regard to a possible future development due to climate change, the enormous importance of water, who uses which quantities of this precious resource and what for, the problem of over-fertilisation caused by agricultu... Learn More


Die CD-ROM enthält 400 wichtige Begriffe der Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik in den Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Portugiesisch, Polnisch, Spanisch, Tschechisch und Ungarisch. Learn More

Environmental Engineering

Water Supply Engineering Technician’ contains explanatory notes to and practical assistance for the (German) vocational training regulations. Part I deals with the specific vocational training regulations, part II presents explanatory notes on the training framework plan, part III lists keywords from A to Z, followed by 25 informative pages of general information and check lists as well as a val... Learn More

ATV-DVWK-M 807E - Allocation Product costs 7/2002

The fixed assetis of central importance to the publicutility and disposal industry. It often covers values above 95 % of the total assets.Within the frame of construction works on the fixed asset it is to be decided whether these are to be classed as installation costs that can or must be treated as addition to assets, or whether they have to be handled as running maintenance expenditure. This que... Learn More

DWA-Topics - Non-Potable Water Reuse (6/2019)

DWA Topics: Non-Potable Water Reuse – Development, Technologies and International Framework Conditions for Agricultural, Urban and Industrial Uses” focuses on reuse of reclaimed water produced from municipal wastewater by centralized or decentralized treatment facilities. This report is intended to provide general guidance for water utilities, consulting engineers and regulatory agencies for p... Learn More

DWA-Topics - Corporate Benchmarking (4/2008)

The hardcopy is out of stock, the ebook is still available. Learn More

ATV-DVWK-M 379 - Sewage Sludge Drying (2/2004)

The method of drying sewage sludge is increasingly used in practice as a means of reconditioning sludge prior to disposal. The Advisory leaflet presents a summary of the state of the art and allows both, the general introduction to this topic and also further consideration of the system. The aim is to ease access to sewage sludge drying processes for the planner and operator of sewage sludge treat... Learn More

ATV-DVWK-A 281 - Trickling Filters (9/2001)

The biological stage of wastewater treatment plants, employing trickling filters and rotating biological contactors without sludge return feed, is dealt with in this Standard. The standard applies only for rotating biological contactors without artificial aeration for the supply of the biofilm with the required oxygen. The development of the trickling filter process and the rotating biological con... Learn More

DWA-M 376 - Biogas Holders Safety (10/2006)

The objective of this Advisory Leaflet is to establish basic principles, according to existing legal regulations and current state of knowledge, for preventing fire and explosion dangers. The area of application applies to aboveground gasholders with membrane seals used for the storage of biogas with a maximum pressure not exceeding 100 hPa. DWA-M 376 applies only to biogas holders that are free s... Learn More

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