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Flyer pump killer

Wet wipes clog pipes, canals and sewage pumps. Restoring the water flow is costly, not only in terms of money but in terms of labour, too. This need not be! The flyer raises the problem of wet wipes and gives clues of how problems can be avoided. Ordered copies of this flyer may also be provided with your individual address and logo imprint. For detailed information and conditions ple... Learn More

In Plain Language - Sanitation Systems

Whether climate or demographic change, rising commodity prices, water shortages or hunger in many parts of the world; all of these topics are of importance to urban water management in Germany. Is our current sanitation system able to cope with the a.m. developments and their impacts? In any event, this centralised system increasingly shows its limitations. It is inflexible with reference to chang... Learn More

Clara clears it up (2006)

Clara clears it up – A Trip to the Underworld’ is an informative, richly illustrated children’s story for kids aged six to ten. One fine day Clever Clara, the little protagonist, wants to find out where things we dispose of through the water closet go to. A fascinating trip begins – following the trail of wastewater through sewers, canals and a sewage treatment plant – right into the dar... Learn More

Plain talking - facts and figures

Water is a really fascinating element! As a consequence, water, the source of life, has been dedicated its own brochure. Full of interesting information, facts and figures - and illustrated with wonderful photographs this booklet might contribute to a more regardful, economical and considerate interaction with this precious resource of ours. Learn More

PR-brochure Trulli the waterdrop

This is the first part of a story telling the adventures of Trulli, the little water drop, who takes preschool and primary school children for a ride through his universe. He passes via piping systems, enters a sewage treatment plant and finally undergoes different cleaning stages. The narration is told in a language appropriate for children and imparts knowledge and interesting facts regarding t... Learn More

Wastewater concerns everyone (5/2018)

Up to date, water protection is still one of the most important environmental topics challenging everyone, be it ordinary people, scientists, wastewater specialists, or politicians. Will we still be able in good time to take the right measures and to consistently commit ourselves in order to achieve the objective to save our rivers and lakes for future generations? This brochure does not only repo... Learn More

Trulli the little waterdrop

Trulli the little waterdrop tells about its adventures in the sewagepipe. Together with his friends he has to struggle with dangerous situations caused by wet wipes, bits of food, pills and blocked pumps. Learn More

PR-brochure Dewey Droplet

Here comes the second part of Trulli’s adventures! This time, you may accompany him on his journey via rays of sunshine and the cloud express, through the soil, well pipes and filters - until he finally becomes a freshly cleaned drop of drinking water again. Learn More

straight out - how water becomes clean

Entertaining and fun illustrated short stories that help explain kids, what happens to their wastewater on its way from their home through wastewater treatment plant and eventually to the river. All stages of the process are explained on a double page. What would happen without wastewater treatment plants? What can I do for water myself? For children in elementary school. Learn More

PR-Broschure Expedition Water Wonder

The booklet ‚Expedition Water Wonder’ is part of the series ‚Clara clears it up‘. It is another informative, richly illustrated and exciting children’s story for kids aged six to ten. Clever Clara, the little protagonist, and her friend Galaxicus experience fascinating adventures near brooks and rivers and, along the way, explain to their little readers the ecosystem ‘river’. Accordi... Learn More

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