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Statics Expert, Module Rehabilitation

This calculation module describes the verification of existing pipe conditions I-III by means of the Finite Elements Method (FEM) according to second order theory and prescribes a partial safety concept. You can calculate all necessary load combinations within one calculation process including interaction in existing pipe condition III for circular profiles. Egg-shaped and circular liners ... Learn More

Software Hydraulics Expert Standard

Hydraulic calculation of sewer and special structures according to the Standards DWA-A 110, DWA-A 111 and DWA-A 112. The standardversion meets the basic needs for hydraulic dimensioning and verification of sewers and drains. For more detailed information, screenshots and a free demo version you can join our website. Learn More

€ 195.00
VAT incl.

Software Hydraulics Expert Professional

Suitable for engineers who carry out detailed hydraulic dimensioning and verification of storm water overflow installations in sewers and special structures. They take advantage of the features of the professional version. On our website you can find detailed information like updates or screenshots and a free demo version. Learn More

€ 750.00
VAT incl.

Software Statics Expert Open Cut

Keep your project under control with the Statics Expert! The calculation module “Open Cut” is suitable for the structural calculation of pipes installed in trenches and banks. With the professional version you have additional features like switchover between imperial and metrical units during the use. You find more information like system requirements, updates, English version or screens... Learn More

DWA-A 100E - Urban Drainage (12/2006)

As a framework of action concerning the detailed regulations for urban drainage, this Standard is intended to Learn More

DWA-A 116-2E - Pressure Sewerage System (5/2007)

Pressure drainage is a special drainage process which, under certain circumstances, is significantly more economic than a gravity sewer system. Compared with other drainage processes the investments can be considerably lower. In cost-comparison calculations all follow-on costs for depreciation, rate of interest, operation and preventative maintenance are to be incorporated. The Standard, along wit... Learn More

DWA-A 116-1E - Vacuum Sewerage Systems (3/2005)

This Standard is directed in particular to consulting engineers, system suppliers, regulators, contractors and operators. The objective of the Standard is to help the designing engineer to recognise and creatively use the latitude given in EN 1091 and facilitate the application of EN 1091. Part 1 of the Standard provides information about vacuum sewerage systems outside buildings and specifies req... Learn More

DWA-A 118E - Hydraulic Dimensioning (3/2012)

This DWA Standard concerns the dimensioning and verification of drain and sewer systems, which are mainly operated as gravity systems and which serve for the discharge of domestic and industrial wastewater, surface water and combined wastewater. It contains guidance for determining the quantities of wastewater to be discharged, taking into account both the replanning and the recalculation of exist... Learn More

DWA-A 125E - Pipe Jacking (12/2008)

This Standard deals with the underground installation of pre-fabricated pipes with different geometry of the cross-section. During the installation, a cavity is created in the ground by displacing, ramming, drilling, pressing or other installation. The pipes are pulled, pushed or pressed into this cavity or existing sewers or pipelines are passed and/or replaced. For shield drives (e. g. segment l... Learn More

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