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PR-Broschure Expedition Water Wonder

PR-Broschure "Klärchen" - Expedition Water Wonder

The booklet ‚Expedition Water Wonder’ is part of the series ‚Clara clears it up‘. It is another informative, richly illustrated and exciting children’s story for kids aged six to ten. Clever Clara, the little protagonist, and her friend Galaxicus experience fascinating adventures near brooks and rivers and, along the way, explain to their little readers the ecosystem ‘river’. According to the principle that we will only protect what we know this children’s story helps our youngsters to understand that water is one of the most valuable resources for mankind and that we will have to treat it carefully.

Verlag: DWA
Ausgabe: 01/2004
Format: 20 X 20 CM
Seitenzahl: 20

1,20 €
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PR-Broschure "Klärchen" - Expedition Water Wonder


Vorschau PDF WA-WU-E.pdf
Sprache EN
Abbildung 20 X 20 CM

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