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PR-brochure Trulli the waterdrop

Trulli the little water drop, 3rd edition 2016

This is the first part of a story telling the adventures of Trulli, the little water drop, who takes preschool and primary school children for a ride through his universe. He passes via piping systems, enters a sewage treatment plant and finally undergoes different cleaning stages. The narration is told in a language appropriate for children and imparts knowledge and interesting facts regarding the course of water, wastewater and sewage treatment.

Verlag: DWA
Ausgabe: 05/2016
Format: 12,5 X 12,5 CM
Seitenzahl: 26

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Trulli the little water drop, 3rd edition 2016


Vorschau PDF TRULLI-E.pdf
Sprache EN
Abbildung 12,5 X 12,5 CM

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