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Technical book wastewater technology (Russian)

Fit in wastewater technology? (Russian translation)

This new concept was specifically developed for the practical and comprehensible transfer of knowledge for the occupation of „wastewater engineering technician“.
The book contains conventional multiple-choice questions plus questions related to situations for the better understanding of processes, expedition questions to apply the theory to the practical work on a wastewater treatment plant and questions for reflection which should be discussed and solved with a trainer.

Target group: Teachers/trainers and students in vocational and further training as well as operational staff.

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Verlag: DWA
Ausgabe: 07/2016
ISBN: 978-3-88721-365-7
Format: A4
Seitenzahl: 111

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Fit in wastewater technology? (Russian translation)


Vorschau PDF FB-FIT-RU-16.pdf
Sprache RU
Abbildung A4

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