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Poster Everything Flows

Everything Flows - A German Water Balance- Size DIN A1, folded to DIN A4

The Poster size A1, folded to A4, showing a map of Germany visualising, amongst others, natural and artificial water flows. The reverse side provides additional information, e.g. with regard to a possible future development due to climate change, the enormous importance of water, who uses which quantities of this precious resource and what for, the problem of over-fertilisation caused by agriculture or the significance of the so-called virtual water flows and the ecological and social consequences following hereafter.

Although Germany is a watery country, water disposability and use differ enormously depending on the respective region. As a result, there are also areas of water shortage, and the problem may even become a bigger one due to climate change.

This poster may serve as a wonderful illustration of ‘Waterland Germany’ and provides a scientifically proven basis for lively discussions on the importance of water.

Verlag: DWA
Ausgabe: 03/2014

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Everything Flows - A German Water Balance- Size DIN A1, folded to DIN A4


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