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DWA-M 144-3CN - ZTV Hose Liner Process (11/2012)

Damaged drains and sewers represent a hazard to the environment, especially the groundwater and soil. Various experiences have been made in rehabilitating damage using renovation processes with locally cured hose liners. Part 3 of the Advisory Guideline DWA-M 144 supplies supplementary harmonised, standardised technical contract conditions (ZTV) for this process. The supplementary technical contra... Mehr erfahren

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Sewage works operator pocket book (chinese)

Since 1969 the DWA|s sewage attendant pocketbook has been part of the standard repertoire in the training of sewage technicians. The basic book for beginners in the industry is available in German, Chinese, Croatian, Russian and n Ukrainian. It deals with the technical know-how that a specialist for Wastewater technology must have mastered and also contains many pictures and illustrations. Mehr erfahren

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