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ATV-A 128F - systèmes unitaires (4/1992)

These Standards apply for structures with overflows in the overall system of a combined wastewater sewer system within the catchment area of sewage treatment plants. For water management and cost reasons the priority task of the planning of measures for wastewater collection and stormwater treatment is the avoidance of stormwater overflow into the sewer system wherever this is possible. For the re... Mehr erfahren

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DWA-M 144-3F - ZTV Hose Liner Process (11/2012

Damaged drains and sewers represent a hazard to the environment, especially the groundwater and soil. Various experiences have been made in rehabilitating damage using renovation processes with locally cured hose liners. Part 3 of the Advisory Guideline DWA-M 144 supplies supplementary harmonised, standardised technical contract conditions (ZTV) for this process. The supplementary technical contra... Mehr erfahren

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DWA-M 153F-traitement des eaux pluviales (08/2007)

La notice contient des recommandations sur le traitement quantitatif et qualitatif des eaux pluviales dans les techniques d'assainissement modifiées ou dans les réseaux de type séparatif. Elle analyse et structure les situations complexes suivantes: • pollution et volume d'eau de pluie, en fonction de l'utilisation et du revêtement de la surface d'origine, • besoin de protection des eaux ... Mehr erfahren

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