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DWA-A 199-1 - Operating Instructions (11/2011)

Operators of wastewater facilities shall establish service and operating instructions tailored to their respective circumstances in order to adhere to the requirements especially of § 57 of the German Water Resources Management Law (WHG) and in order to meet the minimum requirements of the self-inspection or self-monitoring ordinances of Germany's federal states. Since the regulatory content of t... Mehr erfahren

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DWA-A 131E - Activated Sludge Plants (6/2016)

Special IFAT-Offer: price 35% offUsing the dimensioning values recommended in this Standard, the minimum requirements for municipal wastewater with single-stage activated sludge plants can be met or bettered at national level. In contrast to earlier editions, in which the dimensioning procedure for nitrifying and denitrifying activated sludge plants was based on the measured BOD5 load... Mehr erfahren

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