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Clara clears it up (2006)

Clara clears it up - A Trip to the Underworld - 2006

Clara clears it up – A Trip to the Underworld’ is an informative, richly illustrated children’s story for kids aged six to ten. One fine day Clever Clara, the little protagonist, wants to find out where things we dispose of through the water closet go to. A fascinating trip begins – following the trail of wastewater through sewers, canals and a sewage treatment plant – right into the dark and spooky underworld! Clever Clara understands quite quickly that water means life. And so will our little readers. According to the principle that we will only protect what we know this children’s story helps our youngsters to understand that water is one of the most valuable resources of our world - and that we will have to handle this resource most carefully.

Verlag: DWA
Ausgabe: 01/2006
Format: 20 X 20 CM
Seitenzahl: 12

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Clara clears it up - A Trip to the Underworld - 2006


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Abbildung 20 X 20 CM

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